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Guard Ralen Tilvur is a House Hlaalu quest, available to the Nerevarine, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Once the Nerevarine has obtained the Daedric Wakizashi from the wrecked Prelude, Edryno Arethi will give the Nerevarine one final task. Arethi informs the Nerevarine that a Hlaalu merchant in the Foreign Quarter in Vivec has been robbed three times in the previous three days. It will therefore be the Nerevarine's job to protect the shop.

Tilvur's ThiefEdit

The shop keeper, Ralen Tilvur, can be found in his shop in the plaza of the Foreign Quarter. He will ask that the Nerevarine deal with the thief, Drarel Andus, when he enters the shop. Andus will then appear behind the Nerevarine once they have finished speaking to Tilvur, and will attack the Nerevarine. Once Andus is dead, the Nerevarine must return to Arethi to receive their reward (1,000 GoldIcon), and find that Arethi has no further tasks for them to complete.


Guard Ralen Tilvur
IDJournal Entry
10Edryno Arethi told me that Ralen Tilvur's shop in Vivec's Foreign Quarter Plaza has been robbed three nights in a row. I must go to Ralen Tilvur's shop and kill any thieves that arrive.
  • Quest accepted
50A thief attacked me in Ralen Tilvur's shop.
100Edryno Arethi thanked me for killing the thief that was stealing from Ralen Tilvur.
  • Quest complete
200I told Edryno Arethi that Ralen Tilvur was dead.
  • Quest complete


  • Should Tilvur be killed (either by the Nerevarine or Andus) then the reward for the quest will be withdrawn.
    • There will also be no punishiment.

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