The Guardhouse in Morthal is the headquarters of the Hold Guards for Hjaalmarch.


The Guardhouse consists of a ground-level room and a cellar serving as the prison of Hjaalmarch. It contains two chests containing random loot. This guardhouse is not a picture of military order; the Jarl of Hjaalmarch had little need for an organized militia.

The Legion has attempted to improve the old guardhouse and the jail (which is more of a cellar with a single cell secured by an adept-leveled lock), but it is still a mess. The heavy armor skill book 2920, vol 06 - Mid Year is hidden behind a basket and barrel near the bed.


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  • It is possible to become locked inside the Guardhouse if night falls while inside the prison, which is considered a separate location. Picking the lock to get back to Skyrim is considered a crime and has a 5 GoldIcon penalty.
  • When doing the quest "A False Front" the Dragonborn may become locked inside the guardhouse if night falls while in it. Do not pick the lock, as it is considered a crime. Just wait until morning for the door to unlock itself.

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