Gukimir is a Nord warrior who appears at the Priory of the Nine seeking to join the Knights of the Nine with his brother Geimund.

Both he and his brother gained their skills in combat while serving in the Imperial Legion. When they heard about the attacks on the chapels and that the Knights of the Nine were reforming, they traveled to the Priory in hopes of joining the fight against Umaril.

When accepted into the Knights, they will re-equip themselves with the standard armor all of the knights wear: a Knights of the Nine Shield and Cuirass with a chainmail helmet, gauntlets, greaves, and boots.


Umaril the UnfeatheredEdit

After receiving The Blessing of Talos and the promoting of Knights, it is time to face Umaril the Unfeathered at Garlas Malatar. The Prophet has marked the keep where he is hiding.