"There are thieves and then there is Gulum-Ei. No honor, no code at all. He'd shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time."


Gulum-Ei is an Argonian dockworker who works in the East Empire Company Warehouse and helps to process all of the shipments of goods that go in and out of Solitude. He can be found in The Winking Skeever during the day to fence stolen goods.


Before the Thieves Guild questline, he is quite cold, and the only words he says to the Dragonborn are, "I have no business with you. Leave me.", "Go away. I have more important things on my mind right now." and "I don't like strangers..."


Being of a dubious nature, Gulum-Ei has first dibs on of some of the finest goods to grace Skyrim's shores and pays the Thieves Guild a cut of whatever he lifts. Though not officially part of the Guild, their arrangement has proven to be lucrative enough that the Guild allows Gulum-Ei to operate independently. However, as of late, Gulum-Ei's cut has begun to dwindle, and the Guild has become suspicious.


Scoundrel's FollyEdit

Recent information leads Mercer Frey to believe Gulum-Ei has been acting as a go between for the Guild's "anonymous adversary." Upon the speaking to him, Gulum-Ei will act oblivious, but his tongue can be loosen up if he is bribed or persuaded. However, even then, he will only say that the woman he is dealing with has a grudge against Mercer, leaving towards the East Empire Company Warehouse afterwards. After following Gulum-Ei deep into the warehouse, the Dragonborn confronts him, and Gulum-Ei confesses the woman's name: Karliah, the previous guildmaster's murderer and the person after Mercer. He can be killed at this point, although this doesn't confer any reward from Mercer. He becomes a fence for the guild if the Dragonborn leaves him alive after these dealings.


  • If he is not killed in Scoundrel's Folly, and Solitude is taken over by the Guild through Delvin Mallory's special assignments, Gulum-Ei will speak about how he no longer needs to hide his wares from the guards, and can simply take them out of the East Empire Company Warehouse without any trouble.
  • His true name is Galum-Jei, though he has also been known to use the alias 'Gajul-Lei.'
  • According to the Creation Kit, he is the brother of Deeja and Jaree-Ra.


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  •  PC   Sometimes Gulum-Ei disappears during "Scoundrel's Folly," at the end of the Brinewater Grotto.
    •  PC(Fix)   Solution: type player.moveto 000198B7 followed by " to teleport to his location. This brings the Dragonborn outside of the world, where Gulum can be interacted with. Fast Travel to leave the location. If this does not work, type the code player.placeatme 00013284. This renders a new copy of Gulum-Ei at the location of the Dragonborn. This copy follows Gulum-Ei's normal script and will continue to follow his script after interactions cease.
  • Gulum-Ei will rarely disappear while entering the East Empire Building.
  • Sometimes Gulum-Ei will stop and refuse to move, even if the Dragonborn is hidden.
    • Solution: Attack him until he has no health, making him move.