Gurak gro-Bagrat is an Orsimer skooma Smuggler who resides on the Gro-Bagrat Plantation.


Gurak uses his plantation as just a cover for his criminal operation of smuggling skooma. He has ties to both the Camonna Tong crime syndicate, and the Imperial Legion. Which allows him to run the operation without a hitch. He will attack the Nerevarine on sight, if detected in his home, or attempting to speak with him.


Gurak wears a Netch Leather Cuirass, Netch Leather Boots, and Netch Leather Pauldrons, Orcish Greaves and Orcish Bracers. He wields an Orcish Warhammer in combat.


Gathering Willow AntherEdit

Though he has no direct connection to the quest, the Nerevarine must travel to his plantation to gather the ingredients.