"I'm a contract broker for the Dragonstar Caravan Company. We've been drowning in contracts ever since Kurog started his little home decorating project."

Guruzug is an Orsimer daily job broker found at the Clan Longhouse in the stronghold of Morkul, Wrothgar. He is a member of the Dragonstar Caravan Company.



Show: The Skin Trade

"You're looking for work, yeah? Good. We can use you. Folks around here have all kinds of problems that a good sell-sword can solve. These contracts are piling up and my crew is booked solid. So what do you say? Want to get your hands dirty?"

Sure. What do you have for me? "Got a strange one for you. Says here that our client is looking for high quality werewolf pelts—from Argent Mine, no less. Word 'round the campfire is you've been there a few times. I figure you're right for the job."
I've been there. Anything else? "The client wants you to kill the pack leader, too. "Magnar Baby-Kicker" or some such. I figure one hide's a good as another, but who knows? Not really my business. You can talk to her before you leave, if you want. The Wood Elf just over there."
All right. I'll gather these pelts and deal with Magnar. "Never skinned a werewolf myself. Sounds like more trouble than it's worth. Unfortunately, the Menninia's sharp as a Morkul blade. I doubt we could fool her with old ragged wolf pelts."
What are you doing here? "Huh. Sometimes I ask myself the same question. I'm a contract broker for the Dragonstar Caravan Company. We've been drowning in contracts ever since Kurog started his little home decorating project. We just don't have the manpower to keep up."
Dragonstar Caravan Company? "Yeah. We're a "property protection consortium." Fancy way of saying we're a bunch of grunts and rowdies that knock heads together for money. Mostly stick to caravan escort, but we'll take just about any job as long as it pays well."
So you're hiring? "Ha! No, no. I've got enough greedy hooligans on my payroll. This is strictly contract work. We give you a job and take a cut on the back-end. Simple as that."
Show: Parts of the Whole

"Ah, look who's back! I've got a whole new batch of contracts here if you're looking for work. What do you say? Interested?"

What do you have for me? "That daft artificer, Raynor Vanos, has put a contract with the company. He wants us to collect information on some rusty old Dwarf junk down in Zthenganaz. Says its going to "further his experiments." Don't much like the sound of that."
How should I collect this information? "He gave me this little orb-thing. Says you can use it to stun machines. It should capture the information he needs at the same time. He wants the Guardian destroyed, too. Called it a "liability." He's over there if you need more information."
All right, I'll get this information and destroy the Guardian as well. "These people and their Dwarf-junk ... honestly. Just leave the damned things where they are, am I right?"