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For other uses, see Gyldenhul Barrow.

Gyldenhul Barrow is an ancient Nordic Tomb in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.


The main door to Gyldenhul Barrow is locked and can be opened if one is able to pick the Master-level lock. Another way to opening the door is finding an key found in the last ancient chest that is opened during the quest "Deathbrand." Upon entering, the corpse of an adventurer can be found. A note on his corpse tells of his fate. Two sarcophagi containing Stalhrim can be found on either side of him, both of which can be mined. The sarcophagus on the left contains a Draugr corpse with some minor loot. There is also a Draugr directly ahead as one first enters that has some GoldIcon.

To proceed any further, an Ancient Nordic Pickaxe is required to mine through the sarcophagus to the west to reveal a secret passage to a lower chamber. The passage turns south and leads to a locked iron door that can be opened with the same key found in the aforementioned chest. This area is a treasure trove, containing many piles of coins, assorted gems, potions, and weapons. As soon as an item is picked up, the gate behind will close. Another iron door on the south end of the room leads to a large burial chamber.



The conclusion of the quest leads to this ancient tomb. Here the skeletal remains of Haknir Death-Brand can be found deep within the barrow. The remains can be looted for minor loot, however located just behind his body is a unique Scimitar named Bloodscythe.

When Bloodscythe is taken, the ghost of Haknir Death-Brand will appear. During battle he will summon members of his crew to aid him. Upon his defeat another unique weapon named Soulrender can be looted from his ghostly remains.


Notable itemsEdit

  • Bloodscythe – a unique Scimitar found on the remains of Haknir Death-Brand.
  • Soulrender – a unique Scimitar found on the remains of Haknir Death-Brand.
  • A Black Soul Gem.
  • Master-level chest in the lower chamber.
  • 80 piles of gold, each containing about 100 GoldIcon each.
  • 6x Stalhrim mined from two sarcophagi.
  • Several assorted gems.
  • 17+ samples of Ectoplasm from the ghostly remains of enemies.


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