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The map of the Province of Skyrim, with Haafingar highlighted.

Haafingar, the ancient name given to the city of Solitude, was an ancient Nordic kingdom and later one of the nine Holds of Skyrim. It is located on a peninsula on the far north-west coast, and encompases the area surrounding its capital city, Solitude.


Solitude is the jewel of Imperial Skyrim. Ruled by Jarl Elisif the Fair, widow of the late High King, it is home to the headquarters of both the Legion and the Thalmor. Part of the reason for this is the eminently defensible nature of Solitude itself. Set upon a great stone arch that towers above the mouth of the Karth River, and surrounded by the soaring peaks of the Haafingar Mountains, Solitude is both a reinforced and breathtaking stronghold. Given the city's name, it may be ironic that over 80 percent of the Hold's population lies within Solitude's walls, but this is testament to the city's political importance, formidable defenses and diverse population. The Bard's College is located here, as well as the sumptuous Blue Palace. Both are constructed atop the huge, natural arch that the city rests on, affording spectacular views over the Sea of Ghosts and Hjaalmarch to the east. Solitude's accessible docks and wharfs are in the relatively calm waters, making the trade one of the many reasons why the wealthiest of Nords hail from this capital city. Solitude is the one, true cosmopolitan city of Skyrim.


Haafingar is the smallest Hold in area. It also appears to be the most remote, being located on a peninsula on the far northwest coast. The hold is separated from Hjaalmarch by the Karth River and The Reach by mountains. Dragon Bridge is the only access to the hold by road, crossing the Karth River. Much of the hold is rocky and mountainous with soaring snowy mountains surrounding the north and west of Solitude, though the lower lying areas including Dragon Bridge to Solitude are mostly comprised of forests and hills. Its symbol is a wolf's head.


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