Hackdirt Caverns is a small cave underneath Hackdirt containing Hackdirt Brethren (quest related). It contains only one zone, Hackdirt Caverns.


A large amount of plants can be found around the entrances, such as Clouded Funnel Cap plants, Fly Amanita plants, Monkshood plants, Somnalius plants, St. Jahn's Wort plants, Steel-Blue Entoloma plants, Tiger Lily plants, and Viper's Bugloss Leaves plants.

Hackdirt CavernsEdit

The primary use for these caverns is as part of the related quest, but these caverns do have a number of minor loot chests, and will allow the Hero to travel around Hackdirt without going around its exterior.

There are six Hackdirt Brethren in this zone, which are hostile to the Hero and therefore will attack on sight. Be cautious when fighting these enemies, because the caverns are small enough so that one will alert the rest of them if the hero gets into a fight with one of them.

As part of the aforementioned quest, Dar-Ma will be behind the gate inside the prison cell, which is locked. However, using a key found in the caverns, one can unlock the cage easily. The easiest way to get to the prison cell is to enter Hackdirt Caverns through a secret entrance behind a barrel on the first floor of Moslin's Inn.


A Shadow over HackdirtEdit

The Hero is asked to go to the small hamlet of Hackdirt to discover what happened to Dar-Ma, the Argonian daughter of Seed-Neeus, a Chorrol merchant. Upon arrival, the townspeople will act suspicious, and the villager the Hero is sent to says the girl never showed up.


Doors and GatesEdit

  • 2 Doors lead outside (locked, Unlocked with Hackdirt Key)
  • 5 Doors lead outside the Dungeon to Marlena Brussiner's Basement, Natch Pinder's House, Moslin's Inn, Moslin's Basement, and Jiv Hiriel's House.


  • 1 Locked Chest
  • 4 Unlocked Chests
  • Hackdirt Key