Not to be confused with Hadring the Swift.
"Ah, hello there, traveler. Come to the Nightgate for food or lodging?"


Hadring is the owner of the Nightgate Inn in The Pale.


Being a typical Nord, he's rather ignorant in some respects, with a fear of magic and practitioners of magic outside in and outside the College of Winterhold.

The inn was handed down through Hadring's family, all the way from his great grandfather, according to him.


Recipe for DisasterEdit

Hadring provides with information about one of his customers, who is the target of assassination.

A False FrontEdit

Hadring may tell the Dragonborn where the Stormcloak Courier is if one successfully persuades/intimidates him, or pays him GoldIcon.


  • "Seen enough magic in my day to know to stay away from it. I'd stay away from the Jarl's wizard in Dawnstar too. If you wanna be a damn fool, go to the College in Winterhold instead."
  • "This old place? Been here forever. Built by my great grandda. Run by him, then all the way up the line to me."
  • "Him? Oh... Ah, name's Balablob or Malaclob, one of them funny Orc names. Talks real good, though. Not a savage at all. Said he's a writer. Don't know what kind of job that is, but it must earn him some pretty coin. He's paid up for the next few months. He mostly just hangs about. Goes down to the lake, sometimes samples the wine stores in the cellar. Man can do whatever he pleases, far as I care."


  • When trying to remember The Gourmet's name, Hadring will call him "Malaclob," which is quite close to Malacath, the patron deity of orcs.