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TESV Hadvar
Race Nord
Gender Male
Level PCx1 (5-50)
Class Warrior
Faction Imperial Legion
Rank Soldier
Ref ID 0002BFA2
Base ID 0002BF9F
""Dragonborn", huh? Was it your ma or your pa that was the dragon?"

Hadvar is a Nord soldier serving in the Imperial Legion. He was one of the soldiers on duty, when the Dragonborn arrived in Helgen


It is likely that Hadvar and Ralof knew each other as children. Both of them are from Riverwood and their interactions during Unbound seem to imply they are at least familiar with each other. Hadvar's uncle Alvor gives the Dragonborn some free materials if the Dragonborn chooses to go with Hadvar when escaping Helgen.


Hadvar thoroughly supports the Empire in regards to the civil war. Thus, Hadvar holds a strong resentment for the Stormcloaks, and often engages in combat with them.

Hadvar is shown to be a generally kindhearted person, and shows sympathy for the Dragonborn even before they officially meet. Hadvar is one of the many Nords in Skyrim who have voluntarily joined the Imperial Legion, which even further proclaims his loyalty and fealty towards the Empire. It is shown that Hadvar is fighting for what he believes is the good of Skyrim, and he firmly believes that Skyrim is part of the Empire.

Related QuestsEdit


A group of prisoners are being taken to Helgen. Upon arrival, he and other guards begin calling the names of the captive Stormcloaks, lining them up to be beheaded. In the confusion ensuing from Alduin's attack on Helgen, Hadvar spots the Dragonborn trying to find cover. He tells the Dragonborn to follow him to survive, but there is also an option to regroup with Ralof, a fellow prisoner, to escape. If Hadvar is chosen, follow him through the keep to freedom and he will then give directions to his uncle, Alvor.

Once the quest is completed, Hadvar suggests traveling to Solitude to join the Imperial Legion and serve under General Tullius. After talking to his uncle, Alvor, Hadvar will be living in Alvor's house.

If Ralof is chosen instead, Ralof states, "Looks like we are the only ones who made it", if Hadvar survived he will say the same phrase and will be present at the Imperial Legion quests.

Hadvar is also a large figure through the Imperial quests, although he rarely says more than a "Ah, hello friend." A notable example is Compelling Tribute, where he will be leading a few soldiers. Another one is during Rescue from Fort Kastav, where he'll reveal "the plan".

Skill training exploitsEdit

  • Hadvar is invincible in the beginning of the game. After obtaining the first weapon, keep attacking Hadvar and level up quickly. Also, in the Whiterun follow glitch, attack him in the middle of town. No guards will attempt an arrest. Also, his "Quest NPC" downed recovery time is almost instant.


  • "'Dragonborn huh? Was it your ma or your pa that was the dragon?"
  • "I don't think Rikke even knows my name. Probably because I'm not the Dragonborn.'"
  • "Ever get the impression Rikke's not always sure what side she's on? I'm not doubting her loyalty. Just, she seems rather sympathetic to the rebels."
  • "Better down here than out there."
  • "Ever wonder if maybe we should call a truce with the Stormcloaks, join forces for just a little while, and take care of some of these dragons?"
  • "Ha! You're still alive?"
  • "This way. Come on!"
  • "Rrargh!"
  • "Ralof, you damned traitor! Out of my way!"
  • "Who do you think killed more Rebels? You or me?"
  • "What next, giant snakes?"
  • "Huh. I had heard you died."
  • "Still alive prisoner? Stay close to me if you want to stay that way."
  • "Do colors seem brighter to you? Everything seems bigger, too... strange."
  • "Haming! You have to get over here, now!"
  • After the battle of Whiterun: "I'm pretty sure I killed more than you, I was counting."
  • "Theres more of them somewhere around here.
  • "Closest town from here is Riverwood. My uncle's a blacksmith there. I'm sure he'd help you out."
  • "It's probably best if we split up. Good luck, I wouldn't of made it without your help today."
  • "Fine! I hope that dragon takes you all to Sovngarde!"

Unique interpersonal dialogue

If Hadvar and Ralof are near each other, they will engage in some dialogue. However, this dialogue is glitched as it is random dialogue that occurs between two Stormcloak soldiers, followed by dialogue between two Imperial Soldiers.

  • Hadvar: How'd you end up here?
  • Ralof: My cousin disappeared one night. Some say the Thalmor grabbed him. It wasn't long before I found myself under Ulfric's banner.
  • Hadvar: So why did you join the Stormcloaks?
  • Ralof: I'm a true Nord. Simple as that.
  • Ralof: So why'd you join the Legion?
  • Hadvar: My father was a Legionnaire, and his before him. I guess I never considered doing anything else.

If the Dragonborn followed Hadvar during the mission Unbound and did not start the Imperial Legion quests, he will say the same dialogues as other Imperials, like:

  • "Damn Stormcloak rebels."
  • "Keep an eye out for trouble, it's only a matter of time."

After character creation dialogueEdit

During the character creation sequence, Hadvar is the one filling out the ledger for the prisoners to be executed. For each race, he has a specific line of dialogue, along with mentioning that, once executed, the player characters' remains will be sent to their native province.

  • Altmer - You're not with the Thalmor Embassy, are you High Elf? No, that can't be right... I'm sorry. We'll make sure your remains are returned to The Summerset Isle.
  • Argonian - Are you a relative of one of the Riften dock workers, Argonian? I'm sorry. We'll make sure your remains are returned to Black Marsh.
  • Bosmer - Not many Wood Elves would choose to come alone to Skyrim. I'm sorry. We'll make sure your remains are returned to Valenwood.
  • Breton - You from Daggerfall, Breton? Fleeing from some court intrigue? I'm sorry. We'll make sure your remains are returned to High Rock.
  • Dunmer - Another refugee? Gods really have abandoned your people, Dark Elf. I'm sorry. We'll make sure your remains are returned to Morrowind.
  • Imperial - You're a long way from the Imperial City. What're you doing in Skyrim? I'm sorry. We'll make sure your remains are returned to Cyrodiil.
  • Khajiit - You with one of the trade caravans, Khajiit? Your kind always seems to find trouble. I'm sorry. We'll make sure your remains are returned to Elsweyr.
  • Orsimer - You from one of the strongholds, Orc? How did you end up here? I'm sorry. We'll make sure your remains are returned to Orsinium.
  • Redguard - What're you doing here, Redguard? You a sellsword? A sailor from Stros M'Kai? I'm sorry. We'll make sure your remains are returned to Hammerfell.
  • Nord - You picked a bad time to come home to Skyrim, kinsman. I'm sorry. At least you'll die here, in your homeland.

Civil warEdit

If Hadvar or Ralof survive Helgen one of them will be encountered in the civil war quest line depending on what side is chosen, even if the Jagged Crown is delivered to the opposite faction that is initially joined. Provided the Dragonborn sides with the Imperial Legion, Hadvar will survive the war and live a quiet life in Riverwood drinking at the Sleeping Giant Inn.


This section contains bugs related to Hadvar. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

  1. Confirm all bugs with other editors on the talk page before adding them below.
  2. Always try reloading an old save first, before asking for assistance.
  3. Do not discuss possible bug fixes or origins. Leave those and all other first-person-anecdotes on the talk page, not the article.
  4. Always add  360  ,  PS3  , and  PC   to clarify which system the bug appears on.
  •  PC   360   PS3  Some players may experience a bug after taking Windhelm for the Legion, where Hadvar follows them around in Whiterun, seemingly for no reason at all, with his sword drawn. He will occasionally say things, such as, "Ha! You're still alive?" or, "Who do you think killed more rebels? You or me?" Fast traveling to Riverwood can fix this. Another method to fix this problem: Walk up to him, press right up against him, and save. Close the game. Load it back up. Hadvar will wander off to the main gate and disappear after a few moments.
    •  PC   If afterwards you get an error trying to get a Follower to follow you, simply typing in console "set playerfollowercount to 0" will solve this issue.
  •  PS3   After you leave the caves just as you complete Unbound, once you come close to the Guardian Stones he may wander off the path and never initialize the conversation regarding the stones.
    •  PS3   A possible solution for this is to run into him so that he stops at the road corner, he will then take the correct path (to the left) and initialize with the Stones.
  •  PS3   Very rarely in indoor combat, Hadvar can be seen using the Staff of Magnus. It is unknown why.


  • Hadvar will be wearing different armor than the armor he was wearing in Helgen when the Imperial side of the civil war questline is advanced in. It's possible that he may've been promoted to a higher rank, as higher ranked Imperials wear that type of armor.
  • Hadvar was voiced by Jonas Fisch.
  • After killing the first frostbite spider in Helgen Keep, Hadvar says "What's next, giant snakes?" , which, coincidently, appear in The Elder Scrolls Online.
  • Hadvar admits he has had nightmares about Bleak Falls Barrow when he was a child, saying that he was afraid of the Draugr coming down the mountain and climbing through his window while he was sleeping


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