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Not to be confused with Helga or Helgen.

Race Nord
Gender Female
Level 8
Class Citizen
Faction Haafingar
Rank Citizen
Ref ID 00019DDA
Base ID 0001335F
"If word got out that I'm practicing my Dibellan Arts in Riften, they'll run me out of town."

Haelga is a Nord who lives in Riften, where she runs Haelga's Bunkhouse with her niece, Svana.


According to her niece, Haelga is a very loose woman who slept with three men in one month. Her reputation is further justified with contextual evidence from her bedroom: a bed with shackles, a shelf full of stamina potions, a horker tusk and leather strips underneath her bed, a jar of honey and more leather strips on the dresser, The Lusty Argonian Maid Vol 1 and The Lusty Argonian Maid Vol 2, a bottle of Falmer Blood Elixir (which Brynjolf says will allow one to "make love like a sabre cat"), as well as a shrine to Dibella, a deity that Svana claims she worships too much. Haelga wears an amulet of Dibella and there is also a note on her store counter from a "Secret Lover."

When visiting her for the quest "Taking Care of Business", she can either be beaten in a brawl, or bribed with her Dibella statue. Alternatively, the debts from Bersi Honey-Hand and Keerava can be collected first - when she is talked to, she will pay her debt without a fight.

Her niece, Svana, asks the Dragonborn to retrieve three Marks of Dibella from men she has had sexual intercourse with in the miscellaneous quest: Caught Red Handed.

If the Dragonborn kills her niece, Halega will flee the bunkhouse. When she comes back, she states she is too upset to talk.



  • Even though her niece, Svana, hates her, she'll still send hired thugs after the culprit for killing "her dear Haelga."
  • Despite Haelga claiming to practice the "Dibellan Arts" out of religious devotion, such practices are considered immoral by most followers of the Nine Divines, and are not practiced or condoned by actual priestesses of Dibella, who like most people of Tamriel, can marry, but remain celibate until then.
  • Sometimes Haelga will not be at the bunk house late at night; if Bolli's house is checked, they will be found sleeping together. They also share a table every night at The Bee and Barb.
  • A letter addressed to Haelga mentions Haelga wearing Daedric boots during intercourse, but there are no Daedric boots anywhere in Haelga's Bunkhouse.
  • The jar of honey found in her bedroom is one of only two known in the game, (excluding the Hearthfire DLC).
  • If the miscellaneous quest given by Svana has been started and the Dragonborn tries to confront Haelga with the marks after speaking to her about the bounty from Taking Care of Business but before collecting her bounty, she will repeat the "blood from a stone dialogue". This can be fixed by following the steps in the quest to collect her bounty without killing her. (See the "Taking Care of Business" quest page.)
  • She will sometimes flirt with male characters regardless of race.
  • In a random occurence with Grelka in the Riften market area, Gralka will tell Haelga that her leather harness has arrived from the Khajiit caravan. Grelka asks what it is for and Haelga's response is "it is a religious thing"
  • If the Dragonborn is married to Haelga through console commands, she has a special dialog option that allows conflict to be avoided during "Taking Care of Business."

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