"Choke and die, Sea Drake! I'll spit on your grave."

Haerdon is an Redguard residing in Saintsport, Stros M'Kai. He is one of Crafty Lerisa's crew and has been captured by the Sea Drakes.


Like Moths to a CandleEdit

Help Crafty Lerisa to save her crew from the Sea drakes and Captain Helane and she will join Captain Kaleen and help with the heist.


Haerdon can later be found on Kaleen's ship in Wayrest Docks along with part of her crew. If the Vestige interact with him, they'll find out what he's been up to since leaving Betnikh and Stros M'Kai.


  • "I can't hold a sword yet, but I can hold a book. Perhaps I should find a book that will teach me how to fight with my left hand!"