"My name is Hagaer. I don't get out much. Too many books to read."

Hagaer quote

Hagaer is a Bosmer commoner who lives in his house in the Imperial City Temple District. The Hero, can spot him wandering around his home district, wearing a Green Brocade Doublet and matching Green Silk Garment and shoes.

Hagear is an avid reader, and a collector of books. When spoken to he will admit to having a hard time walking by the book store without going inside.

On an average day, he will leave his home at 7am to eat breakfast at The All-Saints Inn, and stay for three hours before heading to the Arcane University. He will stay at the university and talk until he leaves to the Arboretum where he will stay before he heads home at six.

On Loredas, he will stay home until eight, then head to the Temple of the One, then stay in the Arboretum most of the day.