Hajvarr Iron-Hand is a Nord warrior, and is the chief of a gang of bandits operating out of the cave of White River Watch.


He is found on the summit above the White River Watch cave, enjoying the view. A bow and a leveled Two-Handed weapon are the tools of his trade. He carries (but apparently does not wear) the unique Ironhand Gauntlets, which are very useful for those looking for the Fortify Two-Handed enchantment.


  • In Hajvarr's Journal, it is revealed that Ulfr the Blind is his uncle.
  • If fought at earlier levels, he can be seen wearing regular Steel Armor plus the gauntlets.
  • Hajvarr Iron-Hand can respawn, even if he has already been killed. If this happens, he will retain his original loot as well as a new set. This allows the Dragonborn to obtain two or more pairs of Ironhand Gauntlets. He may, however, lose his name, and simply be titled, "Bandit Chief."