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"Those Worms! Trying to enslave my spirit, then sacrifice me to enhance Sinmur's powers. A foolish plan, attempted by idiots. Even you were able to defeat them! That shard is mine, by the way."

Hakra is a deceased member of the original Five Hundred Companions. She appears as a spirit and her soul is being held captive by the Order of the Black Worm.


Hakra was one of the original Five Hundred Companions to come to Skyrim. She helped defeat the giant Sinmur, though was one of the members to fall to it. She is remembered as Sly Hakra.[1]

Her soul was later captured by the Worm Cult and used to power the ghost of Sinmur.


Tomb Beneath the MountainEdit

After using the the soul shard on a deceased cultist, Hakra will appear. She is not be pleased by the choice of corpse. After destroying the three urns, Hakra's spirit will be free but in pain and will need to be defeated in battle. After defeating Hakra, she will thank the Vestige and give the information needed.


  • "If you're the best this time has to offer, I see why they're looking to the past for heroes."
  • "The dead rise within the caverns. They smell worse than you do!"



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