"Count Skingrad is a very private person. I handle all the county's public affairs, and consult with the Count when necessary"

HalLiurz quote

Hal-Liurz is an Argonian who is the stewardess for Skingrad. She speaks to visitors on behalf of Janus Hassildor, who prefers to keep face to face interactions to a minimal.

If the Hero of Kvatch needs to speak to the Count, they will need to speak to Hal-Liurz. If she feels it is important, she will go speak with the count. Otherwise she will either handle it herself or recommend asking Shum gro-Yarug or Mercator, two others the Count trust to handle things.

Hal-Liurz can be found in the castle's main hall during the day, only leaving at night to eat dinner and head to bed for four hours of sleep before returning to work.



"I'm Hal-Liurz, Count Skingrad's steward. The Count does not accept unsolicited visitors, I'm afraid. I apologize for the inconvenience."

Buy a house in town "You'll have to speak with Shum gro-Yarug about that. He's the only one that can handle the deed."


  • "That Oblivion Gate threatened us all, yet only you took action you took action to destroy it. You have my thanks, Hero."