"I stand once more at the seat of my power. I am a spectre, a mere shade, forced to watch as a necromancer defiles my body. Kill him."

Haldriin is a Dragon Priest buried in Skyshroud Barrow.


What Waits BeneathEdit

Help Haldriin find peace once more by killing the Necromancer defiling him.


Haldriin was one of the Dragon Priests, the leaders of the Dragon Cult. Back in the Days of Myth, he was responsible for administrating the Skyshroud Barrow, located on Bleakrock Isle. After his death, he was buried inside the Main Chamber of his domain.

In the year 2E 582, a Necromancer from the Daggerfall Covenant corrupted Skyshroud Barrow and awoke the dead. The Vestige was sent to investigate the undead rising. He summoned Haldriin's Spirit and Haldriin explained how to open the gate, ordering him to kill the Necromancer.

After the Vestige killed the Necromancer and placed the undead to rest, Haldriin was freed and thanked him before vanishing.


  • "Maggot. You dare summon me?"



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