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Main article: Tel Fyr (Morrowind)

Hall of Fyr is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is one of the areas found inside [[[Tel Fyr (Morrowind)|Tel Fyr]] Tower. It is accessed through The Onyx Hall. Divayth Fyr and Alfe Fyr are located here. A large amount of loot can be found, although it all belongs to Divayth.


Corprus CureEdit

Divayth Fyr is the only person who may be able to cure the Corprus disease. He can make a potion for the Nerevarine.

Mystery of the DwarvesEdit

Divayth Fyr can help finding out what really happened with the Dwemer, introducing Yagrum Bagarn for answering the questions of the Nerevarine.

Coded MessageEdit

One of the Telvanni Councillors, Galos Mathendis, asks the Nerevarine to deliver a coded message from his master, Aryon, to Divayth Fyr.

Master Index (Plug-in)Edit

The Indoranyon Propylon Index is located on a table in Tel Fyr, next to Divayth. He does not mind if you take it.



The following items can be found at this location: