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Hall of Justice is a location found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The Hall is located in Vivec City, within the Temple canton. It is made of several corridors that lead to barracks and offices. These house the four orders of the Ordinators, the Order of the Watch, the Order of War, the Order of Doctrine and Ordination, and the Order of Inquisition.[1] The Grandmaster Berel Sala, chief Ordinator on Vvardenfell, has his office here.[2]


Justice OfficesEdit

Houses several high-ranking Ordinators, including the chief of Vvardenfall's Ordinators, Berel Sala.

Office of the WatchEdit

Where the chief of the Order of the Watch, Elam Andas[3] can be found.

Ordinator BarracksEdit

The living quarters of several members of the Ordinators.

Hall UnderworksEdit

A canal system located beneath the Temple. A small campfire and a bedroll suggest that someone inhabits the area, although, only rats can be found here.






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