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For other uses, see Hall of the Dead.

Markarth's Hall of the Dead is a mausoleum found in the city of Markarth. It connects directly to the Jarl's palace, Understone Keep, and can be accessed from either the palace or the city. Verulus is the caretaker, a priest of Arkay, and he resides here.

When first found, both doors to the Hall of the Dead will be locked. These locks can be picked, or the key can be acquired from Verulus, who can be found outside the door within Understone Keep.


The Taste of DeathEdit

Upon entering, the Dragonborn encounters Eola, and after listening to her must decide whether to allow her to leave, or kill her. Listening to her will trigger the quest. Killing her will cause immediate failure of the quest.

Notable itemsEdit




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