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For other uses, see Hall of the Dead.

The Hall of the Dead is a funerary structure that contains the bodies of the deceased. There is one in every major city in Skyrim, with the exceptions of Morthal, Dawnstar, and Winterhold.


Found in the major cities of each Hold, deceased citizens are embalmed and buried within these halls. A shrine dedicated to Arkay—the god of burials and funeral rites—can be found in each.

Below the Whiterun and Solitude locations sits catacombs where the dead are laid to rest. It is in here where the priests may also perform the death rituals. Skeletons may still roam these catacombs.

If a citizen dies during gameplay, a coffin or burial urn will appear soon after in the Catacombs of the nearest city, labelled with the name of the deceased citizen.

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