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Race Breton
Gender Male
Level Radiant (1-25)
Class Mage
Faction Bandit
College of Winterhold
Rank Former member
Ref ID 0010A050
Base ID 0010A04C

Hamelyn is a mad old Breton who lives underneath the Honningbrew Meadery outside Whiterun.


Hamelyn is hostile on sight, and cannot be interacted with. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the skeevers beneath Whiterun. Commonly known as the "Skeever King" or "Rat King", Hamelyn lives with the creatures, which are not hostile toward him.


Hamelyn spends his time in the tunnels connecting the Honningbrew Meadery to the Boilery. Hamelyn left society after rejecting the College of Winterhold. His background can be read in his journal after he is killed.

Battle strategyEdit

He wields potent spells which varies between fire, shock, and ice.

  • To prevent taking large amounts of damage, the Ice Form shout can freeze him in place.
  • Continually jumping from side to side allows the Dragonborn to dodge most of Hamelyn's spells.
  • Hiding behind columns to wait for shouts to recharge can be helpful.
  • Attacking him in close quarters with a magicka-draining weapon is also a good tactic, because he switches from magic attacks to bare fists.
  • Archery/Sneak specialists may prefer to use arrows coated with Frenzy poison on Hamelyn, which will make his pet Skeevers attack him. It is entirely possible for the rats to kill him if there are enough of them.
  • Mage types who specialize in Illusion may use the same tactic by using a Frenzy spell or scroll.
  • If the player is a werewolf, transforming may be a good option; growling will cause him to enter a state of fear.
  • One of the easiest methods to take Hamelyn down is to use Summon Arniel's Shade and keep well back to avoid any Chain Lightning attacks.


Hamelyn will attack

Hamelyn will attack you!

Dampened SpiritsEdit

After completing the quest Loud and Clear, Brynjolf will say that Maven Black-Briar wishes to speak to the Dragonborn. She asks the Dragonborn to shut down a competitor, newly opened Honningbrew Meadery, and to find out how its owner Sabjorn has managed so quickly to fund its opening.


  • Hamelyn is a likely reference to The Ratman's Notebook, a story that inspired the 1971 movie Willard, a story of a social outcast who befriends and trains rats to exact revenge against his colleagues.  However, the name Hamelyn is an allusion to the Pied Piper of Hamelin who removed the town of Hamelin of its rats, but after not being paid, led the children away just like the rats he got rid of.
  • Hamelyn is a potential candidate for Dead Thrall.
  • Hamelyn may be a reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, in which a villain/anti-hero known as the Rat King made sporadic appearances.
  • His experimentations on the Skeevers might explain why they are so big; the owner of The Winking Skeever says they weren't always as large, although there are Skeevers located all over Skyrim, and most likely Hamelyn wouldn't have been able to experiment on all of the Skeevers.


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