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The first Orsinium started not as a city but as an armed camp. Eventually, the camp grew into a village, and the village expanded into a town. In just a few short years, it became a sprawling, indefensible mass of people and buildings that were ripe for attack.

Forge-wife Mortuga, first and greatest of King Torug's many wives, sought out a master mason to build a stone wall around the city and define its borders. He had to be a master crafter, as well as possessed of the skills of a warrior and a negotiator to complete the task in record time. She chose Kuthbarg the Steady to handle the job.

Kuthbarg did as he was tasked, raising strong walls around Old Orsinium that can still be seen to this day. As a reward, he was given the Hammer of Glass - a hammer carved from a single crystal. It is believed that the striking sculpture still resides in the ruins of Old Orsinium.


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