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Hand to Hand Training is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


The low-level Hand-to-Hand trainers are Nahsi at the Bravil Fighters Guild and Rufrius Vinicius at the Anvil guild. The mid-level trainers are Davela Hlaren who runs the Imperial Bridge Inn, and Thieves Guild member Ra'qanar in Castle Cheydinhal.


The latter two will direct you to master trainer Helvius Cecia once you reach a skill of 70. He's in the Thieves' Guild as well, and you will have already met him if you have completed the "Turning a Blind Eye" quest. (His house is used for the Gray Fox meeting). Cecia's got a test for you too: Barehanded, smack him around for 30 seconds to prevent him from getting "bored". Don't worry, Cecia's Guild affiliation is ignored for the term of the test, so you won't get booted if you're in the guild. Once you've hurt him enough, he'll speak to you and you're in.

Stop fighting immediately when he says to stop. Once he talks to the Hero, he becomes a guild member again. Keep fighting, and it's assault, with the usual potential consequences flowing from assault.


Journal Entry
  • Update: Upon receiving the quest:

I need to speak with Helvius Cecia in Bruma about training hand to hand combat.

  • Update: After speaking to Helvius Cecia:

I must prove my worthiness to Helvius Cecia before he will consider training me. He's asked that I hit him as hard as I can.

  • Update: After proving worthiness to Helvius:

Helvius Cecia has agreed to train me.

  • Quest complete