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For the item in Oblivion, see Handwritten Note.
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Disloyalty Among the GuardsEdit

In order to find evidence of a possible conspiracy against King Helseth Hlaalu, the Captain of the Royal Guard instructs the Nerevarine to go undercover as a new recruit. Following a series of conversations, the loyalty of Ivulen Irano is deemed questionable, and this note is subsequently found on the floor of the guards' quarters near his personal storage chest.


[A curious copy of guard duty rosters for the past several weeks. The handwriting is tiny and almost illegible, with frequent misspellings. But three names are always correctly spelled -- Milvela Dralen, Ivulen Irano, and Aleri Aren -- and those watches when all three are the only guards in the Throne Room have been underlined twice.]


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