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"My name is Hannat Zainsubani. I entered this cavern seeking shelter from the weather, and this madmen stripped me and imprisoned me here. While I've been trapped here, I've had the most terrible dreams. I... don't know if I can trust my own eyes and ears."
―Hannat Zainsubani[src]

Hannat Zainsubani is a Dunmer who was last heard of charting Mamaea. He is the son of Hassour Zainsubani in Ald'ruhn and continues the family business as a merchant, focusing on the trade with ebony. He is also a member of the Thieves Guild.


Hannat is described by his father as an adventurous man. That is why he travels Vvardenfell to find new sources of valuable merchandise for the family business, eventually leading him to Mamaea.


Hannat ZainsubaniEdit

Hannat's father Hassour, who can be found at the Ald Skar Inn, has not seen his son since he headed for Mamaea to seek sources of fine ebony for the family business. He asks the Nerevarine to look for him if they happen to be in the area. Hannat turns out to be trapped by Sixth House dreamer inside Mamaea and needs rescuing.