"Things in the guild have been different since Traven was named Arch-Mage. They're more structured, but everyone seems tense."
―Gossip in the mages guild.[src]

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Hannibal Traven is a Breton and the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild in Cyrodiil. He is also the author of The Black Arts On Trial. He has an enmity towards Necromancy, and was responsible for its banning from the Mages Guild.


He offers the following quests after the Hero completes Necromancer's Moon and is promoted to Magician in the Mages Guild.


Quote Audio
"At the worst possible time, the Council is in ruins."
Hannibal 1
"Others felt it appropriate to fight fire with fire, as it were. The Council has shattered, and artifacts have been lost."
Hannibal 2
"The Council is in complete disarray at the news of Mannimarco's presence in Cyrodiil."
Hannibal 3
"The King of Worms has obviously targeted the guild, but we have no idea why. No demands have been made."
Hannibal 4
"All of my attention is devoted to the Council. We must discern the reason for this sudden attack, and stop Mannimarco before he destroys us all."
Hannibal 5
"Greetings. It is high time that we meet face to face, don't you think?"
Hannibal 6
"Raminus has told me good things about you. You have advanced quickly, and show great promise."
Hannibal 7
"I now intend to put your talents to a more direct test. I have a difficult task that you can, perhaps, assist with."
Hannibal 8
"Time is against us, and our enemies grow stronger. There is much to do, and little time in which to do it. Your next task is essential."
Hannibal 9
"A final task awaits you, when you are ready. It is time for you to strike back at the King of Worms."
Hannibal 10
"I know what purpose this Soul Gem is meant to serve. It is meant to house my very own soul, to be absorbed by Mannimarco and increase his power."
Hannibal 11
"Hannibal Traven, Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild. Welcome to the Arcane University."
Hannibal 12
"From what he's told you, Mannimarco -- the King of Worms -- is here in Cyrodiil, and preying on our Guild. This is something I'd never have dreamed."
Hannibal 13
"I had, perhaps foolishly, believed that Necromancy was all but stamped out in Cyrodiil. It seems I couldn't have been more mistaken."
Hannibal 14
"The Council of Mages has been aware of the increased Necromancer activity in Cyrodiil for some time."
Hannibal 15
"It had been our position to sit back and watch what unfolded, but that time has clearly passed. We cannot tolerate these attacks on the guild."
Hannibal 16
"I cannot stress how important it is that our relationship with Hassildor be preserved. I expect you to visit him immediately."
Hannibal 17
"Mannimarco will have what he seeks, but it will be his undoing at your hands."
Hannibal 18
"With this gem in your possession, you will be impervious to his attempts to enthrall you. When he fails, that is when you shall strike."
Hannibal 19
"Lead your fellow mages, and lead them well. The future rests on your shoulders. Farewell, my friend."
Hannibal 20


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