"Hans Black-Nail, Castle Smith. It's a comfortable post. Gives me plenty of time to offer services to the public."
―Hans Black-Nail's introduction[src]

Hans BlackNail quote

Hans Black-Nail is the blacksmith at Castle Bravil. He is also a sleeper agent of the Mythic Dawn. Hans mentions that he knew Count Regulus Terentius when they were both younger and Regulus was a "shining star on the tournament path."


Hans spends a lot of his time at the castle, but can be seen around town. After he wakes up, he will head to his forge for a few hours, before heading to the Great Chapel of Mara at eight. After this he can be found at the Bravil Fighters Guild watching its members spar, before he will return to his work at the forge.

Hans remains at his forge until 7pm, when he will head to dinner, then go to his room where he will stay until he goes to bed around midnight.

If the Hero has completed the quest "Dagon Shrine," he will attack on sight.

He wears a Blacksmith's Apron and matching pants. He also carries a key to Castle Bravil, and some gold. In combat, he will summon himself Mythic Dawn Armor and a matching mace.