Not to be confused with Hara-Na.

Hara is a Redguard residing in Craglorn, Belkarth. She can be found in the Star-Gazers' Observatory. She leads the Star-Gazers' efforts in investigating the disappearance of the celestials in the sky.

Hara was said to only have arrived in Craglorn for a short time, but the Star-Gazers turn to her for her immense knowledge concerning the stars and the constellations.

Together with the Vestige, Titus Valerius and Kelmen Locke, they act as the champions of the Celestial Guardians in thwarting the Serpent's schemes.


The Star-GazersEdit

The Celestial Guardians Warrior, Mage and Thief have disappeared from the skies of Nirn. Help the Star-Gazers investigate this threat in Craglorn.