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"Ranmir beg a drink from you, yet? That's gold wasted, friend."


Haran is a Nord food merchant and citizen of Winterhold.


Haran can be found in Winterhold inside The Frozen Hearth where she works with her husband, Dagur, and looks after their daughter, Eirid.

She also shares the beliefs of her husband and daughter, as she willingly welcomes mages from the College into the Inn and accepts Nelacar's residence within the tavern, even going as far as to say that Jarl Korir can eat and drink at home if he doesn't like mages at the inn.


A Few Words with YouEdit

She asks the Dragonborn to go talk to Ranmir, about paying back some GoldIcon he still owes her.

New AllegiancesDGEdit

In Dawnguard, Haran is a possible target during "New Allegiances," in which Vingalmo, courtier in Castle Volkihar, asks the Dragonborn to turn the target into a vampire for political purposes.


Killing Haran or stealing something from the Frozen Hearth may prompt hired thugs to seek out the Dragonborn and exact revenge.


Hunt the ElfEdit

Haran "I understand Eirid's been playing 'Hunt the Elf' again."
Dagur "It's just children playing, Haran. I wouldn't fret over it."
Haran "I'm not 'fretting.' I don't want Eirid playing those sorts of games!"
Dagur "All right, all right. I'll speak to her."


Dagur "I understand Korir's been complaining about our customers again."
Haran "What of it? It's our inn, and they do him no harm."
Dagur "I believe that he was suggesting that their presence causes him harm."
Haran "Well, then he's welcome to eat and drink at home, isn't he?"

Ranmir's problemEdit

Haran "How long are we going to let Ranmir drink himself into a stupor? When will enough be enough?"
Dagur "As long as he keeps paying, I suppose. He keeps to himself and doesn't hurt anyone."
Haran "Are you sure of that? I think Birna might disagree with you."
Dagur "It's not my place to get involved in their family's business, remember? You're the one who told me to stay out of it."

Mead restocking (Ranmir alive)Edit

Dagur "Are we running low on mead?"
Haran "No. Even Ranmir can only drink so much."
Dagur "Let's just keep an eye on the supply. Its such a chore to restock."
Haran "I suppose that's a benefit to having so few customers."



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