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Kodlak Whitemane

Harbinger Kodlak Whitemane

The Harbinger was a command-based rank in the Five Hundred Companions, a legendary group of warriors who came from Atmora during the Merethic Era, when Men were first beginning to settle in Tamriel.[1] [2]

Fourth EraEdit

By the Fourth Era, the Companions have not had a true leader since Ysgramor, as the rank of Harbinger and the organization, purpose, and traditions of the Companions have changed since the Merethic Era. During the Fourth Era, the Harbinger acts as chief advisor, resolves disputes, and clarifies questions regarding the nature of honor, justice and glory. The Harbinger's word is respected not just within Jorrvaskr, but throughout all of the nine Holds of Skyrim.[3]

Many Harbingers have come to pass, ranging from tyrant mercenaries to righteous, honorable and legendary warriors.

Known HarbingersEdit

Merethic EraEdit

First EraEdit

Second and Third ErasEdit

Fourth EraEdit




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