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Harkon's Sword

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Harkon's Sword
Harkon's sword
Base Damage:
8 DamageIcon
9 WeightIcon
Base Value:
1472 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Absorbs 15 points of Health, Magicka, and Stamina if wielded by a vampire.
Class: One Handed, Sword
Upgrade Material: Steel Ingot
Perk: Steel Smithing
FormID: xx0067CF

Harkon's Sword is a unique sword that appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. It is similar in appearance to the Blades Sword but with a different color and guard, or tsuba. It also has a notably lower base damage than the regular Blades Sword, which has a base damage of 11.


Closely resembling the Blades Sword in the base game, it's identical in every detail to its regular counterpart, but what sets it apart are its colors and tsuba (sword guard) forming two bats on either end of the blade, and this sword is golden, while the Blades sword is silver in color.


It is obtainable by defeating Harkon in Kindred Judgment. It can be pickpocketed with the "Misdirection" perk, but this is nearly impossible given its high value.


The sword bears a unique enchantment, which will only work if the wielder is a vampire.  It causes the screen to go slightly dark with each successful strike.

The sword has a powerful enchantment, so it is recommended to have a large stock of filled soul gems if planning on using the sword regularly as it runs out of charges quite quickly. Alternatively, you can increase the number of charges on this weapon by enchanting your gear with "Destruction spells cost X% less to cast". The higher the value, the more uses you will get from the weapon.


  • Harkon's Sword will not lose charge in some cases allowing for unlimited use of its enchantment. It is not yet known what causes this bug.
    • This could be caused by wearing a full suit of armor or clothing that reduces the cost of destruction spells to nothing, this also affects the amount of charges weapons which use destructive enchantments have.
  • If attempted to put on a weapon rack or plaque, the blade is positioned out of place as if the center of the blade sits more to the tip rather than the actual middle of the blades body. (Confirmed with weapon plaques and racks in Lakeview Manor.)
  • Will disappear if placed on a weapon rack.
  • On rare occasions, the enchantment still works even after curing vamprism by equipping/de-equipping the item during ceremony.
  • If the sword is given to Serana, the enchantment may not work. This may be an oversight.



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