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Forticon  Harmugstahl
TESV Harmugstahl
Hold The Reach
Location Northeast of Markarth
West of Solitude
Type Fort
Quests Family Heirloom
Arniel's Endeavor
Lost Relic
The Forgemaster's Fingers
Characters Adventurer
Enemies Frostbite Spider
Location ID Harmugstahl01

Harmugstahl is a fort found northeast of Markarth and west of Solitude. It is relatively small compared to some of Skyrim's labyrinth-like subterranean areas and is easily navigated. There is one puzzle in Harmugstahl with four levers controlling a metal barred/spiked passageway. There is one Adept locked door that needs to be picked. There are also two locked doors found after encountering Kornalus Frey; both can be unlocked with his key.

In Kornalus' room there is a Shrine to Julianos and a few alchemy ingredients.

Notable figuresEdit

Upon entering the cave, the Dragonborn will be greeted by an adventurer killing a frostbite spider. Upon asking the adventurer, "What was going on with that spider?" he will reply: "I don't know, but this place is full of them. Every one I've encountered has been enchanted or the like. Look, I'm getting out of here. Normally, spiders make my skin crawl, but magic spiders? Blech!"

The other notable figure is the cave's resident mage, Kornalus. It appears Kornalus has been experimenting upon the spiders by enchanting them with fire, frost and shock enchantments. The enchantments manifest themselves in special attacks the spiders can deal, (either fire-, frost- or shock- based), as well as a magical glow on their bodies. Many spider corpses can also be found lying on tables scattered about the cave. Taking the Frostbite Venom from their body causes them to ignite.

Lever puzzle solutionEdit

Activate the first lever on the left, and wait for the two spikes to descend. Then pull the first lever on the right (the opposite lever), and wait for the rest to descend.

Notable itemsEdit



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