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"I'm a trader. I know the Ashlands, the people and their ways. I know what they will buy and sell, and what will bring good money here among the settled people."
―Hassour Zainsubani[src]

Hassour Zainsubani is a Dunmer Thief and an operative for the Thieves Guild who can be found downstairs at the Ald Skar Inn in Ald'ruhn. He once belonged to a Ashlanders tribe but left the Wastes to become a wealthy trader.[1] People describe him as a bibliophile who loves poetry.[2]


Zainsubani InformantEdit

After obtaining information about the Sixth House, the Nerevarine Cult and the Nerevarine Prophecies in the previous request, Spymaster Caius Cosades wants the Nerevarine to go to the city of Ald'ruhn and talk with a former Ashlander, Hassour Zainsubani, who left the tribe to become a rich merchant.

Hannat ZainsubaniEdit

The Nerevarine needs rescuing Hassour Zainsubani's son Hannat Zainsubani from within Mamaea.



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