Hatreds Heart is a leveled Daedric mace in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


Hatreds Heart is located inside the Chorrol Gate inside a secluded tower along with Hatreds Soul, its bow counterpart.

Sunken towerEdit

At the Chorrol Oblivion gate, the bow and the mace are located in the sunken tower, directly behind where the plane itself is entered. As the tower is sunken, there is no door which can be entered. Instead there is a hidden cave/tunnel called the Fume Vaults. The entrance to Fume Vaults is located on islands away towards the north/northwest of the sunken tower.

To get there, a small lava streams and broken bridges need to be jumped. There will be a large metal gate that has toppled to the ground making it possible to cross it like a bridge. After crossing onto an island where the entrance to the Vaults is. It's hidden and won't show on the map, and it's at lava level. Head towards the north tip of the island, around a small round lava pond, and drop down over a large boulder, and the door is just on the right. At the top of the tower, activate the portal then go over to the punished pods and open them. One contains the mace and the other contains the bow and arrows.


Level Base Value Weight Base Damage Health Enchantments Charge # of Uses Weapon ID
1–4 609 GoldIcon 28 WeightIcon 14 DamageIcon 252 Health-icon Drain Attribute: Speed 5 pts for 10 secs
Fire Damage 5 pts
1200 MagickaIcon 120 00014836
5–7 1173 GoldIcon 32 WeightIcon 16 DamageIcon 320 Health-icon Drain Attribute: Speed 10 pts for 15 secs
Fire Damage 10 pts
2400 MagickaIcon 70 00014C6C
8–10 1727 GoldIcon 36 WeightIcon 18 DamageIcon 396 Health-icon Drain Attribute: Speed 15 pts for 20 secs
Fire Damage 15 pts
3200 MagickaIcon 47 00014C6D
11–14 2319 GoldIcon 40 WeightIcon 20 DamageIcon 480 Health-icon Drain Attribute: Speed 20 pts for 20 secs
Fire Damage 20 pts
3600 MagickaIcon 36 00014C6E
15–18 3450 GoldIcon 44 WeightIcon 22 DamageIcon 572 Health-icon Drain Attribute: Speed 25 pts for 30 secs
Fire Damage 25 pts
4200 MagickaIcon 24 00014C6F
19+ 5146 GoldIcon 48 WeightIcon 24 DamageIcon 672 Health-icon Drain Attribute: Speed 30 pts for 45 secs
Fire Damage 35 pts
4800 MagickaIcon 15 00014C70
Weapon Reach: 1.00
Weapon Speed: 1.00