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Not to be confused with Hazari or Hazaznaz.
"Daedra, Imprisonment, and Crazy Bosmer - there is no end to Hazazi's suffering"

Hazazi is Khajiit member of the Aldmeri Dominion. He was sent to Bramblebreach in order to persuade the Bosmer clan residing there to integrate into the Dominion.

Hazazi is later seen again, where he is part of the team that was sent to seal a daedric tear that opened up in Moonhenge.


Frighten the FearsomeEdit

Having been sent to Bramblebreach to establish contact with the citizens of the Dominion, he runs into trouble with the local population. After being infuriated with their dancing and jesting, he asks the Vestige for help.

Moonhenge's TearEdit


  • "Dark Moons! These crazy Bosmer make no sense! Hazazi comes to negotiate on behalf of Queen Ayrenn, to hear their grievances, and all they do is dance and jest! Hazazi has only been here a short while and already he hates this village."


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