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Heal Undead is an Adept-level spell in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard.


Heal Undead is very useful for necromancers as it allows for reanimated zombies, conjured Bonemen, conjured Mistmen, and conjured Wrathmen to survive longer in battle. It synergizes well with the perk Necromage as it increases the magnitude of Heal Undead by 25%. Necromage will also stack with the perk Regeneration and the ability Sailor's Repose, which will yield into an 85% bonus magnitude. This adds up to approximately 140 plus health for any undead targeted.

Spell tomeEdit


  • Weight - WeightIcon 1
  • Value - GoldIcon 370


  • Can be purchased from: Ronthil, in the Castle Volkihar.
    • Note: can be obtained for Dawnguard members when first visiting the castle if they constantly jump from the table in the main hall, allowing them to talk to Ronthil, who is on the balcony to the left (constantly exit the conversation whenever Harkon asks your name to have time to do this).
    • Another method that can be used if one joins the Dawnguard is the "Wooden Plate" glitch. Once you enter the castle, it will be like you joined the Vampires and they will not attack you, even though you still are a part of the Dawnguard.


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