Heart of Order is an ingredient in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.


A Heart of Order can only be turned into a potion with Felldew or Greenmote, the resulting potion's effect being either Jyggalag's Favor, or the Felldew Effect.

The primary use of a Heart of Order is in shutting down an Obelisk of Order. Its secondary use is to open Crystal Chests, or for ingesting to acquire Jyggalag's Favor effect.


Upon taking it, the Hero will receive Jyggalag's Favor, which has multiple effects.



  • Eating a second helping of a Heart of Order within 15 seconds of the first will cancel the effect and not add to it.
  • Its name has to do with the Daedric Prince of Order, Jyggalag.