Hearth-Wife Barazal is an Orsimer found in Scarp Keep in the city of Orsinium. She is one of King Kurog's wives, but cannot be interacted with while in the Keep.


A Feast to RememberEdit

After giving Orzorga the ingredients at her kitchen, the quest is completed. Hearth-Wife Barazal will then walk into the tavern, and they will have the following conversation:

Hearth-Wife Barazal: "You are Orzorga, master of Orc cuisine?"
Orzorga: ""Master?" I... yes, that's me. And you are?"
Barazal: "Barazal, hearth-wife to the king."
Orzorga: "Oh! Welcome to my kitchen. Can I get you something? Perhaps some candied chub loon? Fresh from the oven!"
Barazal: "No, I have business in Orsinium... yet I expect you to join me there shortly. I want you to cook the feast that will honor my husband. Can you do this for the king of the Orcs?"
Orzorga: "Of course. It shall be a feast to remember!"
Barazal: <Bows, then walks out of the kitchen.>

Long Live the KingEdit

After this quest, Barazal will no longer appear in Scarp Keep.