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Hearthfire may refer to one of the following:

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  • Where do you live in skyrim?

    5 messages
    • I usually live in windhelm at Hjerim but ive started to live in Whiterun Breeze Home
    • If you're talking about including Hearthfire, I would say Falkreath. But if not, I usually live in the house in Markarth. Markarth I think is ...
  • Heartfire SUPER ANNOYING housecarl bug

    8 messages
    • I decided to marry her, and as soon as I went to riften to set it up, she disappeared! I cant find her at all. Dx
    • Rayya is my Housecarl (Bodygaurd) Feandal is my Steward (House Keeper) at Lakeview manor. Two are good as I always seem to get attacked by band...

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