"See anything you'd like to buy? I've got to get back home."

Hedstild is a Nord merchant selling her wares in the Market District of Davon's Watch. She owns a dog named Horker.


Your dog seems protective. "That's why Father sent him with me. Normally, Father brings the crops to town himself, but there's trouble at home. Father didn't want anyone to bother me."

Has anyone bothered you? "There was one Dark Elf—a priest, I think. He stood too close. He looked up at me and started breathing funny. I let Horker take a bite out of him and I haven't seen him since."
What's wrong at your home? "Goblins and spiders are everywhere. I'm worried. My father's a strong man, but... well, it's been a mammoth's age since his last raid on Summerset Isles."
Where do you live? "Hrogar's Hold. It's far to the west of here. Beyond Ebonheart, even. If you go, don't tell him I sent you. Just... help him. He's a proud man."


  • "Horker, get back here!"
  • "Horker! To me!"