"Inkpot. Stone. Bucket. Book. Knife."
―Hefid the Deaf[src]


Hefid the Deaf is a mentally-unstable and deranged beggar who can be found hidden away in the Ratway Warrens, under Riften.


Most of the time, she has locked herself away in a small dark room within the Warren. She can be heard listing the things she holds dear, or simply holds for that matter: "Inkpot, Stone, Bucket, Book, Knife." Closer inspection reveals that the stone is actually a flawless gem, noteworthy enough for a burgeoning thief in the Ratways.

At times she will make comments such as "Death is highly overrated" or "No, never find me!", suggesting that, like Esbern, she knows the Warrens as a refuge of safety where she's less likely to be found. Overall, she is harmless and provides no further meaningful interaction. If she is pickpocketed and any of the items on her 'checklist' are removed, she may change her dialogue slightly.


  • "Inkpot, Stone, Bucket, Book, Knife..."
  • "Stone, no, no no!"
  • "Go away. Go away. Go away!"
  • "Bucket. Knife. Book. Inkpot. Stone. No. No. No.."
  • "Knife. Yes. Book. Yes. Bucket. Yes. Inkpot? No. No."


  • During the quest "A Cornered Rat," Esbern may attack her if she gets startled and draws her dagger. However, she will just flee.
  • She may randomly become hostile at any time.