"Heinrich Oaken-Hull, captain and shipmaster. My ship, the Serpent's Wake, is in for refitting, so I'm high and try for a while."
―Heinrich Oaken-Hull[src]

Heinrich Oaken-Hull quote

Heinrich Oaken-Hull is a Nord in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion residing in Anvil. His house can be found near the main gate.


The Siren's DeceptionEdit

Maelona wants the Hero to help her husband Gogan by defeating a gang of women who lure men outside of town to rob them. She promises a 100 gold to get back a ring Gogan lost. Travel to The Flowing Bowl for more information.


Anvil: "Anvil wouldn't be my choice for a refit, No proper yard, neither spars nor scantlings in good supply. But, it's ill-luck to complain."


  • His pants, his shirt, his shoes and his heirloom can be found at Gweden Farm during the aforementioned quest, indicating that he is one of the men to have been tricked by the gang of women hiding out there.