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Heist: Glittering Grotto

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Heist: Glittering Grotto is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Thieves Guild.

Quick walkthroughEdit


Unique itemsEdit

  • Rare Gemstones - Unsorted and uncut gems awaiting inventory of appraisal. Easily misplaced with no one the wiser.


Journal Entry

I was tipped off about rare gems stashed in the Glittering Grotto. I don't have much time to secure the goods before they're moved, so I should act quickly on this lead.

I need to get to the site without drawing attention to myself. I should speak with Fa'ren-dar.

  • Objective: Talk to Fa'ren-dar

I need to locate the rare gems being held at this hideout. The area is heavily trapped, so I must be on my guard.

  • Objective: Steal Rare Gemstones: 0/7

If previous objective isn't completed within time limits:

I secured the gems, but left traces of my activity along the way. Fa'ren-far is waiting to lead me back to the Thieved Den from here. We should get going while the going is still good.

  • Objective: Talk to Fa'ren-dar

I turned over the goods to Fa'ren-dar. He'll be waiting with my chare at the Thieves Den.

  • Objective: Collect Reward from Fa'ren-dar
  • Quest complete

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