Heist: Underground Sepulcher is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Thieves Guild.


I was tipped off about treasures stashed in Underground Sepulcher. I don't have much time to secure the goods before they're moved, so I should act quickly on this lead.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Fa'ren-dar
  2. Travel to the Underground Sepulcher
  3. Enter the tunnels to begin the heist
  4. Find all three hidden caches
    1. Optional: Find the caches within eight minutes
  5. Return to the Thieves Den
  6. Speak to Fa'ren-dar
  7. Complete the quest


To begin this quest, the Vestige will need to check the Heist Board located within the Thieves Den. Fa'ren-dar, who can be found standing near the Heist Board, will notify the Vestige of a "growing stockpile of valuables" within the Underground Sepulcher, and will suggest for them to be taken before anyone else notices.

The Sepulcher contains numerous hiding spots, which will be highlighted light yellow. Within the tunnels are also multiple traps, and either Red Rook Bandits or various Ember-Eye enemies.

After all three caches are taken, return to Fa'ren-dar. Upon speaking to him, he will reward the Vestige and the quest will be completed.



Journal Entry

I need to get to the site without drawing attention to myself. I should speak with Fa'ren-dar.

  • Objective: Talk to Fa'ren-dar

The valuables are secured in the hideout beyond this entry. They are sure to be guarded. I need to maintain a low profile.

  • Objective: Enter the Tunnels to Begin the Heist

The treasures I'm looking for should be in secure chests somewhere within this hideout. I need to break in once they're located.

  • Objective: Find the Treasure
  • Objective: Find Hidden Caches: 0/3
  • Objective: (Optional) Complete the Heist Before Time Runs Out

I have the treasure! I just need to get it to Fa'ren-dar before he meets the buyers.

  • Objective: Return to Fa'ren-dar

Fa'ren-dar is waiting to lead me back to the Thieves Den from here. We should get going while the going is still good. (If completed before the time expires)

  • Objective: Talk to Fa'ren-dar

I have the treasures, but my window has expired. Fa'ren-dar is waiting to lead me back to the Thieves Den from here. Hopefully the haul is still worth something to someone. (If the time limit expires)

  • Objective: Talk to Fa'ren-dar

I turned over the goods to Fa'ren-dar. He'll be waiting with my share at the Thieves Den.

  • Objective: Collect Reward from Fa'ren-dar
  • Quest complete