"When the warriors of the Ra Gada came to the shores of Hammerfell, some of the fiercest cohorts marched far inland in search of domains to claim. Hel Ra was one of the easternmost of these domains, but its gates were sealed long ago"
―Hel Ra Citadel Loading Screen[src]

Hel Ra Citadel is a Nedic fort that was conquered by the ancient Ra Gada during their conquest of Craglorn. The fort itself is located within the mountain range south of the Craglorn region, supposedly creating a trade route which passed through these mountains.[1] Since the Yokudan times, at an unspecified date, Hel Ra Citadel was closed off from the rest of Tamriel, unable to be opened by any manner, until the Three Banners War[2]; shortly after the conflict sparked, Hel Ra Citadel became the locale of encampment for the Celestial Warrior's Anka-Ra army, which was later defeated by a group of Undaunted sent by Kailstig the Axe during the events of The Elder Scrolls Online.

Outside Hel Ra Citadel

Entrance to the Citadel


Assaulting the CitadelEdit

Multiple Undaunted delvers must enter Hel Ra Citadel and defeat the Celestial Warrior and his residing Anka-Ra army. The quest is received from Kailstig the Axe, found both in the Crossroads Tavern and the entrance chamber of the trial.

Location TextEdit

Before completing Hel Ra Citadel:
"Assault the mountain stronghold of the Celestial Warrior."

After completing Hel Ra Citadel:
"You defeated the Celestial Warrior."

Notable itemsEdit



Celestial Warrior Hel Ra I

The Celestial Warrior Warns the Undaunted Delvers

The group composition recommended for this trial is one tank, two healers, and nine damage-dealers.

As soon as the trial is entered, the delvers can find Kailstig the Axe, offering the quest "Assaulting the Citadel." Past the entrance hall, a spectral apparition of the Warrior confronts the Undaunted delvers:

"The Warrior and his army of old Yokuda claim the citadel of Hel Ra. Leave—and live. Trespass—and die. You have been warned."

And again on the way to the stone bridge leading to the Citadel:

"My soldiers of sand and steel will strip your flesh."

After passing the bridge, an army of Anka-Ra is encountered, and the delvers must defeat it to reach the entrance to the Citadel.

The entrance is guarded by another army of Anka-Ra, this time accompanied by Anka-Ra War-Priests and Anka-Ra Flame-Shapers. The tank must taunt the War-Priests, along with other Anka-Ra, and subjugate them to crowd control abilities to more easily neutralize them. Anka-Ra Flame-Shapers have a deadly fire ability which can be interrupted, and melee damage-dealers should keep an eye out for this moment.

After the army is defeated, the gates are opened, and from them emerges the first boss of the trial.


"Air and sand can cut like blades in the wind. Ra-Kotu will prove this."
―The Warrior[src]

Ra-Kotu is an air atronach of enormous size, and is accompanied by two War-Priests. The tank should taunt Ra-Kotu in a manner avoiding sweep attacks against other delvers, but not with his back towards the Citadel, as he must be healed. Healers should prioritize damage-mitigating abilites such as Solar Prison, Ring of Preservation, and Barrier.

During the fight, Gusts will spawn, an ability of Ra-Kotu, and will target delvers randomly. Damage-dealers and healers should avoid these Gusts. Ra-Kotu has a power attack which can be blocked by the tank. On veteran difficulty, this attack can be fatal. Ra-Kotu uses "Six Sword Assault," where he throws four swords in a diagonal attack, which come back to him. If this attack hits a delver twice, it can prove fatal, but can be avoided by standing behind the back of Ra-Kotu.

When Ra-Kotu reaches 35% in health, he will begin a periodic spin attack, and the tank must slowly avoid it while melee damage-dealers must stay away and adapt ranged combat.

After Ra-Kotu is defeated, the delvers must split up before continuing the trial, as there are now two gates that are open—southeastern, and northwestern. The tank, a healer, and four damage-dealers travel through the southeastern gate, while the remaining healer and five damage-dealers travel through the other. The southeastern group encounters several locked gates that must be opened up by the other group, whilst fighting multiple waves of Anka-Ra and Gargoyles, and avoiding oil spilled from above. The northwestern group climbs to the battlements on which various siege weapons are located, meeting various Anka-Ra and Gargoyles on their way as well, and at this point both groups encounter their bosses.

Yokeda Rok'dunEdit

"Your neck isn't worthy of the master's blade. Come—burn in my flame."
―Yokeda Rok'dun[src]

Before this Yokeda Rok'dun appears, the southeastern group must defeat Anka-Ra War-Priests, Anka-Ra Destroyers, Anka-Ra Flame-Shapers, and Armored Welwa, accompanied by a horde of Anka-Ra. Rok'dun himself is an Anka-Ra archer. Rok'dun summons them, "Unleash our Ra Gada against the intruders! Crush them as we did the Nedes of old!"

After defeating these enemies, Yokeda Rok'dun appears, accompanied by two Enraging Welwa. Yokeda Rok'dun will revive these welwa whenever they are defeated, so the focus of this fight should be solely on Rok'dun, and the tank should keep them away from Rok'dun and damage-dealers' area-of-effect abilities, as when they die, they multiply. When enough time has passed, the Enraging Welwa will enlarge and their damage will be increased, and the tank must bring them to Rok'dun so they can be killed.

During the battle, Yokeda Rok'dun will shout, "Flames of Yokuda take you!" He spawns circles of flame, dealing high damage to anyone caught in it, so vampires should be wary.

Yokeda KaiEdit

Yokeda Kai is an Anka-Ra Flame-Shaper who, like Rok'dun, emerges from a gate after various enemies have been defeated.

Yokeda Kai has the ability to clone himself into four Flame-Shapers. The real Yokeda Kai retains his damage reduction and resistances, while the clones do not, and so die faster. This ability is periodic, and depending upon how fast Kai is dealt with, may be initiated many times. Due to Yokeda Kai being a Flame-Shaper, he retains the ability of one, and so must be interrupted along with his clones. During the battle a meteor may hit a random delver at any point in time, and so its area-of-effect must be avoided to not be killed. Kai will use another area-of-effect attack involving flames on the ground, indicated by him charging his staff. This attack is fatal if not avoided in time.

The roles of the delvers here is for each to assign themselves to Kai's clones and interrupt and defeat them in time. The healer is very important in this fight, as many of Kai's abilities deal high amounts of damage.

After these battles, both groups open their respective gates to the next section and reunite, but must now face a great army of Anka-Ra and two Gargoyles, along with pairs of War-Priests, Flame-Shapers, and Destroyers. Each of these enemies are guarding the stairs leading to the Hall of the Warrior, the delvers' final destination. On the opposite side of these stairs is a War-Priest guarding a Yokudan warhorn which, if blown in veteran difficulty, grants the delvers an achievement.

Healers must again use ultimate abilities to deal with the enemies, and the tank must taunt the Gargoyles, War-Priests and Destroyers, prioritizing in this order. Damage-dealers must again be wary of the Flame-Shapers and their ability.

When the army is defeated, the delvers must enter the Hall of the Warrior.

The Celestial WarriorEdit

Hall of the Warrior

The Celestial Warrior, meditating before battle.

"The mortals have come far. But only Ansei of First Rank are allowed in this chamber."
―The Warrior[src]

Here, the delvers travel through a cave tunnel, meeting on the way the Undaunted who came before, one of which is still clinging to life. The delvers then enter the Hall itself.

In the hall, there are two statues that create circles, the right one from the Warrior increasing damage output, while the left one increasing health recovery. Due to the presence of two healers, the right circle is made more lucrative for use.

"The Shehai of a first rank Ansei sank Yokuda. This Warrior's Shehai is beyond first rank."

Prior to combat with the Celestial Warrior, the delvers can destroy Hel Ra Statues in the Hall to invoke the Warrior's wrath and make the fight more difficult, thereby gaining an achievement; "Hel Ra Citadel Difficult Mode." The Statues are exclusive to the Veteran version of the delve.

The Celestial Warrior is a fearsome opponent and masterful fighter, and has several abilities in his arsenal. He will make a quote about most abilities while attacking.

Name Quote Description
Shield Throw "The wall pushes back."
"From aegis to cudgel."
"The mountain charges."
"The guard advances."
The Celestial Warrior throws his shield at a random delver in a frontal, horizontal attack, which returns to the Warrior, and if this attack is not dodged in time, it will be fatal.
Pounce Strike "The lightning crashes!" The Celestial Warrior pounces on an isolated delver, and delivers a fatal blow.
Onslaught "A thousand cuts, like whispers in the wind."
"Look upon the blade and tremble."
"The calf weathers a rain of swords."
"Death by a hundred cuts."
The Celestial Warrior strikes his target with four mighty blows. This attack is directed at the group's tank, and if they do not block these attacks correctly, the Celestial Warrior will kill them.
Army of Old Yokuda N/A Several Anka-Ra Flame-Shapers and Destroyers are awakened to aid the Celestial Warrior. When they enter the battle, they will become the damage-dealers' new priority.
Statues "The healing cloud parts."
"The sky falls!"
The Celestial Warrior destroys the healing statue when his health nears 85%, and the damage-increasing statue when his health nears 70%.
Shehai "The sword sings."
"The Ansei forges a singing sword."
"The tide turns."
When the Celestial Warrior's health nears 35%, he will drop his shield and mace, and materialize a sword made of willpower. This action produces a shockwave that caves into the sides of the Hall, making way for sunlight, and pushes all of the delvers onto the ground. If the delvers' health is not high when this happens, this shockwave can kill them. The Warrior continues his attacks as before, but with higher damage and frequency.
Starfall "The stars fall."
" Burn in Yokuda's remaining light."
The Celestial Warrior summons a rain of powerful magic missiles on the delvers. The healers are crucial at this point in the fight, and ultimate healing abilities are recommended to be saved for this attack.
Shehai Wave "The mountain falls."
"The wave crashes."
The Celestial Warrior creates a wave of energy in front of him. The delvers caught in the attack either die or are knocked over.
Shehai Cleave N/A Periodically, the Warrior initiates a cleave attack with his Shehai, similar to the two-handed skill. This attack is dangerous to delvers from each of the Warrior's directions. When the Warrior is killed, the trial will be over, and the Warrior is released from The Serpent's control. Kailstig the Axe enters the Hall afterwards, along with Mindil the Untested, offering the quest reward for completing the trial.
Fossilize N/A This ability is used only upon destroying Hel Ra statues. The Celestial Warrior fossilizes a random delver. The only way for that delver to break free would be to use a synergy, named "Destructive Outbreak," which will deal damage to surrounding delvers, or to be hit by the Warrior's Shield Throw.
Hel Ra Citadel After the Battle

The Hall of the Warrior, after battle with the Celestial Warrior.

At the end of the battle, with the Celestial Warrior defeated, he turns into dust and encounters the Thief, and, depending on completion of the other two trials in Craglorn, Sanctum Ophidia and Aetherian Archive, the following dialogue may differ and include the Celestial Mage.

Celestials at Hel Ra

The Celestials convene after the defeat of the Warrior.

If only Hel Ra Citadel was completed

The Warrior: "The Serpent no longer clouds my mind. My sword will claim his neck."
The Thief: "The Serpent belongs in the natural order. We will stop him, not murder him."
The Warrior: "All talk and no action. Fall in behind me. The Serpent will learn his lesson."

If completed Aetherian Archive

The Warrior: "My eyes are finally clear. My sword will claim the Serpent's neck."
The Thief: "The Serpent belongs in the natural order. The three of us will contain him, not end him."
The Mage: "Then we should return him to his Apex Stone. And seal it properly. Thrice—if we have to."
The Warrior: "To the Serpent's Stone, then. Fall in behind me. The snake will learn his lesson."

If completed Sanctum Ophidia

The Warrior: "My mind is free of the Serpent's thrall. My sword hungers for his neck."
The Thief: "The Serpent has been confined to his Stone. Now, come. There is still the Mage to free from his influence."
The Warrior: "That is hearty work—for a Thief. Fall in behind me. I will lead us to glory."

If completed all trials

The Warrior: "The Serpent no longer clouds my mind. Eyes clear, my sword will claim his neck."
The Thief: "The Serpent has been confined to his Apex Stone, and the natural order is restored. But his attention will turn elsewhere. We should depart."
The Warrior: "Surprisingly efficient. For a Thief and a Mage. Fall in line behind me. I will take charge from here."
The Mage: "How gracious of you."

Mindil the Untested and Kailstig the Axe then meet the delvers once more, and Mindil will give the reward for defeating the Celestial Warrior. The Hall itself is left in ruins.




  • Update 1: Hel Ra Citadel opened up to the public after testing in the Player Test Server.[3]
  • Update 3: Healing abilities will no longer target statues in Hel Ra Citadel.[4]


The following achievements can be obtained from this trial:

Image Name Description Points Reward
Questline Completed Hel Ra Citadel Completed Defeat the Celestial Warrior, freeing him from the Serpent's control. 50 Paint: Warrior's Steel
Shehai Shatterer Hel Ra Citadel Conqueror Defeat the Celestial Warrior in Veteran Hel Ra Citadel. 50 Title: "Shehai Shatterer"
Speed Trial Time Trial: Hel Ra Citadel Completed the Hel Ra Citadel within a time limit of 33 minutes. 50 Paint: Dragonstar Red
Dungeon Challenge Hel Ra Citadel Difficult Mode Defeat the Celestial Warrior after enraging him through the destruction of his statue army. 50 N/A
Dungeon Conquerer Craglorn Trials Conqueror Complete Hel Ra Citadel, Aetherian Archive, and Sanctum Ophidia at their highest difficulties. 50 N/A
War Horn Hel Ra Citadel: The War Horn Sound the war horn in Veteran Hel Ra Citadel and defeat the ancient warriors who answer. 5 N/A


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  • Yokeda Kai and Rok'dun: if the group of delvers fighting Yokeda Kai is defeated, Yokeda Kai will despawn and force the group to follow after the group fighting Yokeda Rok'dun.