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"When the warriors of the Ra Gada came to the shores of Hammerfell, some of the fiercest cohorts marched far inland in search of domains to claim. Hel Ra was one of the easternmost of these domains, but its gates were sealed long ago"
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Hel Ra Citadel is a Yokudan fort in Craglorn and a Trial in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Assaulting the CitadelEdit

Enter Hel Ra Citadel and defeat the Celestial Warrior and his residing Anka-Ra army.


Notable itemsEdit



  • The Akaviri Dragonguard dropped-item set drops off bosses in this region, with Veteran Rank 2 quality.


  • U3: Healing abilities will no longer target statues in Hel Ra Citadel. [1]



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