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Helgi was a Nord child and the daughter of Hroggar, who lived in Morthal. She and her mother burned to death in a tragic house fire set by Hroggar, investigated in the quest Laid to Rest.

Life after demiseEdit

Helgi only exists as an innocent ghost and is unaware of the gravity of the events involving her family. Many suspected her father Hroggar was to blame for the fire, since he had run off with Alva soon after the tragedy. However, during a game of ghostly "hide and seek," Thonnir's missing wife Laelette, a vampire, is found at Helgi's exhumed coffin, thus unfolding a new chapter in the girl's story. Helgi's coffin can be found west of the house, over a rocky hill.

After killing the master vampire in his lair, Helgi appears near the exit and thanks the Dragonborn for "making her mother feel better." Then Helgi will forever disappear.


  • Helgi's coffin and exhumed grave disappears once the quest is completed, appearing as untouched flat ground instead. They will also not be there if Laid to Rest was not started.


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  • There is a glitch where, immediately after talking to Helgi, when about to leave the cave and engaging in conversation, she will say, "Mother's calling me, it's time to go to sleep." and then she will disappear.


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