"My job's simple enough. The dead don't really complain much."


Helgird is an Elder priestess of Arkay who can be found in the Hall of the Dead in Windhelm.


Blood on the IceEdit

During the quest "Blood on the Ice," she is questioned by the Dragonborn. She tells the that the victim's coinpurse was still on her person, which shows that the murder was not a robbery. She takes the corpse into the Hall of the Dead to prepare it for burial. She then tells the Dragonborn that the slash marks on the victim's body were from a curved blade used by the Nords for embalming the dead.


Blood on the IceEdit

"This is a shame."

Did you see what happened here? "Eehhh... no. Sorry. But I did notice that her coinpurse was still intact, so whoever did this wasn't after gold. I'm going to keep preparing the body, if you'll excuse me."


  • "This is the Hall of the Dead. Someday, you'll end up here." (In the Hall of the Dead)
  • "Luckily, Windhelm is cold, so the dead don't rot as quickly. Sometimes the burial has to wait for the ground to thaw, though."
  • "Large diagonal cut from left shoulder."
  • "My job's simple enough. The dead don't really complain much."
  • "Mighty Arkay, I pray that you will shepherd these souls as they pass into the realm of death." ―Prayed at the graveyard
  • "Mighty Arkay, God of Mortals, hear now the prayers of your humble servant. Bless these departed souls and welcome them into the realms beyond." ―Prayed at the graveyard
  • "Lord of Seasons, I pray to you now that you might watch over the dead with mercy and kindness." ―Prayed at the graveyard
  • "Hear my prayer, son of Akatosh, and grant peace to these departed souls." ―Prayed at the graveyard


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  •  PC   360   PS3   During, and after completing the quest "Blood on the Ice," Helgird may lose all dialogue from some point onward, and will only repeat the line "Large diagonal cut from left shoulder..." any time she is attempted to be conversed with.
  •  PS4   She may not sleep.


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