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Helm of Ferocity

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Helm of Ferocity
Orcish Helmet (Oblivion)
GoldIcon 10536
WeightIcon 9
ArmorIcon 7
Armor Health 800
Enchantment Value Fortify Skill: Blade
Fortify Skill: Blunt
Fortify Skill: Hand-to-Hand
Drain Attribute: Intelligence
Drain Attribute: Willpower
Drain Attribute: Personality
Item ID 000CA11B

The Helm of Ferocity is a unique piece of enchanted heavy armor sold by Agnete the Pickled at the Hammer and Tongs in Skingrad.

It fortifies Blade, Blunt, and Hand-to-Hand by five points each, at the expense of draining Intelligence, Willpower, and Personality by five points each.



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